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Holy Angels Regional School

Holy Angels Regional School

Welcome to St. Sylvester Faith Formation Process 

You are an important part of the parish community. Catholic school does not replace your participation in your parish.  Rather all Parent Meetings and Special Gatherings held at St. Sylvester are opportunities for your family to continue building relationships in your parish community through the years.  In addition to your family being registered in the parish, please register each of your children each year, in Faith Formation so that you receive important mailings and information.

As a Catholic School student, your child receives religious education in school and need not attend classes at St. Sylvester; with the exception of Level 1 Gatherings and Level 8 classes.  (Details will be on the calendars.)

As we work toward the faith formation of all families, you and your child are invited and encouraged to attend all of the many liturgical celebrations and other events that take place here at St. Sylvester.

More specifically, as parents of children in the Faith Formation Process, you are expected to attend all Parent Meetings held at St. Sylvester pertaining to your child’s Level.  This will be especially important during Sacrament Preparation years (Levels 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8).

Your child is expected to attend all Special Gatherings, Celebrations and other activities pertaining to their Level.  This will be especially important during Sacrament Preparation years (Levels 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8).

It is important for your child to know that faith is a part of your family’s daily life.  Regular attendance at Mass and daily prayer are necessary to the development of your child’s faith formation and is expected of participants in the Faith Formation Process.  Your child is expected to complete six  Mass Reflection Forms per year (four in Level 1 & three for Level 8).  They can be found on line or by request from the Faith Formation Office.  A Mass Reflection Form Helpful Information Sheet can be found with the Mass Reflection Forms.  Please take a moment to read this over. 

Upon completion of all paper work, and required preparation, you will be given the opportunity to register your child in the next Level for the coming year

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