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Annointing of the Sick

Celebrated the second Friday of the month at 8:30AM Mass.. It may also be scheduled at another time.

This sacrament offers blessing and grace to all who are ill. It is intended for those who are seriously or chronically ill, and those facing surgery or serious medical testing. It can be offered to the elderly as well as those who are mentally ill. The sacrament prays for comfort and strength to one who is weakened by illness. But we also pray for physical healing and newness of life.

Many years ago this sacrament was referred to as “last rites,” which was to be administered just prior to the moment of death. The church now sees this sacrament as an opportunity for prayer for family members, loved ones, care takers, as well as one who is ill. It should not be delayed to the “last moment” but offered at a time when the recipient is able to understand and partake in the prayer.

A person may receive the sacrament more than once. However, it should not be received repeatedly or on a regular basis.

When an operation or hospitalization is anticipated it is important to receive the sacrament prior to being admitted. Priests are not always available at hospitals. Priests from St. Sylvester are not always free to make special visits to patients.