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Walk through the Mass

Walk through the Mass by Fr. Luke Spannagel

Part 1: Holy Water and Sacramentals

Part 2: Genuflection

Part 3: Silence before Mass

Part 4: Opening Hymn

Part 5: Altar Kiss

Part 6: Sign of the Cross

Part 7: Greeting

Part 8: Penitential Act

Part 9: Forms of Penitential Act

Part 10: Penitential Absolution

Part 11: Gloria

Part 12: Collect

Part 13: Liturgy of the Word

Part 14: Listening to God's Word

Part 15: The First Reading

Part 16: Responsorial Psalm

Part 17 : The Second Reading

Part 18: Response after Readings

Part 19: Alleluia

Part 20: The Gospel

Part 21: The Four Gospels

Part 22: The Harmony of the Gospels

Part 23: The "Fifth Gospel"

Part 24: The Homily

Part 25: A Deeper Look at the Homily

Part 26: How to Engage with the Homily

Part 27: The Creed

Part 28: The Creed as Profession of Faith

Part 29:  The Creed as Statement of Faith in the Trinity

Part 30: Intercessions

Part 31: The Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist

Part 32 : The Parts of the Liturgy of the Eucharist

Part 33: Altar Setup

Part 34: Collection and Procession

Part 35: Offertory Water and Wine

Part 36: Bread & Wine

Part 37: Silent, Humble, Contrite

Part 38: Incense

Part 39: Incense - A Vision of Heaven

Part 40: Washing Hands

Part 41: The Prayer Over the Offerings

Part 42: The Eucharistic Prayer

Part 43: The Preface

Part 44: The Preface as Thanksgiving

Part 45: Sanctus

Part 46: Eucharistic Prayer Options

Part 47: Background of the Eucharistic Prayers

Part 48: The Epiclesis

Part 49: Consecration

Part 50: Transubstantiation

Part 51: Institution Narrative

Part 52: Anamnesis. Mystery of Faith

Part 53: Offering