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Parent Agreement & Discipline Policy

St. Sylvester Faith Formation Parent Agreement

Parent or Guardian: Please read all information below and click on the Faith Formation Policy, Procedure & Expectations link at the bottom and complete.

We are looking forward to working with you and your child during this faith-filled year. Listed below is important information that you and your child need to review together.  If you have any questions, please email the Faith Formation Office at faithformation@stsylvesterli.org.  Thank you for your cooperation.

  • For your child’s safety, you must sign your child in and out of the classroom.  No child will be permitted to enter a classroom without a parent/guardian’s signature and no child will be released from the classroom without a parent/guardian’s signature. Do not sign your child out at the same time that you sign them in. This is a legal matter and can lead to a situation, which will be unsafe for your child.  It is your responsibility to hold young children’s hands and supervise older children in the parking lot to avoid dangerous situations.
  • To avoid disruption of class and utilize time most efficiently, please have your child use the bathroom before going to class
  • When your child is unable to attend his/her regular session, please let us know by emailing the Faith Formation Office at faithformation@stsylvesterli.org.  Please have your child complete the lesson for that class as indicated on his/her class schedule. 
  • Please be aware that if your child has excessive absences, his/ her book will have to be reviewed at the end of the year before your child can move up to the next level. 
  • Your child’s workbook needs to be kept in good condition and treated with respect.  A fee of $20 will be charged for a replacement book.
  • For Level's 3-7, your child is expected to celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation(Confession) at least once during the Faith Formaion year.  A Reconciliation card is attached inside your child's folder.  When celebrating the sacrament, please complete the card and hand it to the priest, either Fr. Gonzalo or Fr. Thomas.
  • It is important for your child to know that faith is a part of your family’s daily life.  Regular attendance at Mass and daily prayer are necessary to the development of your child’s faith formation and is expected of participants in the Faith Formation process.  Your child will be asked to complete Six Mass Reflection Forms(Four for Level 1 and Three for Level 8) throughout the program according to the calendar they have received.  All Mass Reflection Forms (MRF's) are submitted online. To access the MRF's, please click here.  Once there, click on your child's level and complete the form.
  • Upon completion of all required work, you will be given the opportunity to register your child in the next level.  (See registration details on Website and In Bulletin.)


Classroom Discipline Policy

“Love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12

St. Sylvester Parish

Where safety and kindness come first! 

  1. No violence of any kind’ no pushing, kicking, fighting, shoving or hitting.
  2. No cursing, swearing or use of foul language. 
  3. Follow the directions of the Catechists.
  4. Be respectful of your Catechists, yourself and others.
  5. No vandalism of Church property, including pads on chairs in the classrooms and in East Wing.
  6. No writing on any surface other than paper.
  7. No cell phones or other electronic devices are to be used during class unless instructed to by Catechist.
  8. No food, drink or gum in the Parish Center.
  9. Come prepared with your book, folder, Bible (Level 6 and up) and a sharpened pencil.

If you are sent to the office for inappropriate behavior, we will call your parents.  As a result you may have to complete the year at home.

 “Love your neighbor, as yourself.” Luke 10:27

Please click this link: Faith Formation Policy, Procedure & Expectations and complete.