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The Sacrament of Baptism

The Sacrament of Baptism is the defining moment in the life of the Christian.  It celebrates a powerful union with our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is a statement of commitment that identifies and connects the individual with the Catholic faith.

Important information regarding Baptisms:

Baptisms are celebrated on pre-determined dates.  Please contact the Parish Center at 631-475-4506 x:102  before making any other plans.

Before we can set a date for Baptism, the following paperwork must be brought in to the Baptism Coordinator:

  • The child’s original birth certificate ~  All information on the Baptismal Certificate must appear exactly as it is on the birth certificate.  No names can be added, deleted, or changed on a Baptismal certificate. 
  • The Baptism and Confirmation Certificates for Godparents ~ if the originals are not available, please contact their Church of Baptism and ask for an updated Baptismal Certificate.

Parents are required to attend a Baptism Class.  These evenings are generally offered on the first Monday of the month.  Godparents are encouraged to attend.


The role of the godparent is a special honor that has a specific role. Most parents choose a person to be a godparent because he or she is very dear to them. The individual is deeply respected and the parents want their child to be guided and influenced by his or her life. In addition to these qualities, the church also specifies the godparent must be a living example of faith. Their commitment to church is evident in their life. In light of this strong connection to church, the following requirements and guidelines are necessary for one to be a godparent:

• Only one godparent is necessary. If you choose to have two, one must be a man, the other a woman. (You cannot have two godmothers).
• A godparent must be a baptized and confirmed Catholic.
• A godparent must be at least sixteen years old.
• Proof of Baptism and Confirmation of a godparent must be provided.
• A baptized member of another Christian denomination (such as Lutheran) may serve as a Christian Witness. However, there cannot be two Christian witnesses. You may have one Christian witness and one godparent.
• A non-baptized person (Jewish, Muslim, etc.) may not serve as a godparent or a Christian witness.
• A Catholic who has not received Confirmation may not serve as a godparent or a Christian witness.
• Once the Baptism takes place the godparent(s) are permanent and irrevocable. A godparent cannot be removed from church records. A person may not be baptized a second time for the sake of gaining different godparents.
• These are the rules or Canon Law of the Catholic Church. Please contact the Parish Center if you have specific questions or concerns. The Diocese of Rockville Centre can also provide information about godparents. They may be reached at (516) 678-5800.