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Adult Choir


Welcome to the St Sylvester Adult “Virtual Choir” project Round 3 – The Word is in Your Heart

Everyone who loves to sing is welcome to participate in this fun and exciting project by learning (or re-learning if you were already in choir) the song – The Word is in Your Heart.
The song and the process are fairly easy and this is an exciting way to participate in the music program here at St. Sylvester. You do not have to be a current choir member to participate.

For this round, you can download the print copy PDF of The Word is in Your Heart and learn the appropriate voice part (soprano, alto, tenor/bass) as you listen using the link provided and sing along!

Click here for Instructions on how to record and submit your recording. You will need only 3 things – a device to listen on (computer/ipad/etc.), a device to record on (phone/ipad) and a set of headphones!

Please submit your voice part by Monday, October 4th to be included in this project.
Please click here to view instructions on how to record your part for The Word is in Your Heart.
Please click here to download a pdf of the music/words for The Word is in Your Heart.
Please click the appropriate voice part below to listen/learn and to and sing along with for recording.

Tenor/Bass Virtual

Virtual Choir Project Round 2: Precious Lord, Take My Hand. To listen to the audio recording, please click here. For the music video, please click here.

Virtual Choir Project Round 1: "The Cross of Jesus" please click here to listen and watch.

If you are interested in participating in the Music Ministry at St. Sylvester, feel free to get in touch with Therese and Clark Blanton. Their contact information is available on the St. Sylvester website at https://www.stsylvesterli.org/adult-choir Once we are able to gather once again in community with one and other, the Adult Choir sings at the 11:00AM mass. The Adult Choir is open to all teens and young adults (high school and college age) and adults who enjoy all styles of music. The repertoire of music for this group calls for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voicing for rich harmony. We are always welcoming of new members, especially altos and men for balance.